Envoy is a coalition of independent Alaska physicians with a proven record as high-quality care providers. Members collaborate around shared goals of providing quality care, improving overall population health, and shifting our healthcare system to prioritize value and quality rather than just quantity. We help providers who offer higher-quality care remain competitive and committed to both the patient and provider experience, and ultimately, improved health of our community.


The complexity of healthcare systems has long frustrated administrators, physicians, and patients. Change is happening—and as physicians, we are empowered to shape those changes to reinforce the kind of healthcare systems we want.

As medical professionals, we are uniquely qualified to identify both high-quality care and to establish standards for high value in patient care. We believe that helping design an ethical and equitable system of healthcare is both our professional responsibility and an opportunity for long-term change.  To these ends, we resolved to launch Alaska’s own Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)—and thus, Envoy was born.

As the primary provider of cardiovascular care in Alaska, Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute (AHVI) has a unique opportunity and responsibility to take charge of Alaska’s heart health. Envoy began from AHVI’s resolution to expand their reach beyond the clinic’s walls to begin chipping away at the barriers preventing patients from receiving high-value care. In addition to a sense of professional duty, AHVI’s practitioners recognized that they had a vested interest in improving Alaska’s healthcare, as they and their families are also its consumers.

AHVI found other practices with sterling reputations and ideological connection, including Orthopedic Physicians Alaska, Internal Medicine Associates, LaTouche Pediatrics, Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic, Anchorage and Valley Radiation Therapy Centers, and Alaska Digestive and Liver Clinic. Together, these providers founded Envoy.


Envoy’s goal is NOT to steer referrals to narrow networks, chase market share, cut costs at the expense of quality, or focus on profits rather than patients. As a CIN, we share our infrastructure for the sake of bettering the quality of patient care and ease of coordination, but all members are expected to remain as independent practitioners. The desired, real-world outcomes of our shared vision include improved patient outcomes, systemic change regarding reimbursement/payment, more integrated care, reduced patient costs for higher value care, lower morbidity/mortality rates, and a lower chronic disease burden for all Alaskans. Learn more about how CINs operate.



Envoy is set up to run as a collaborative largely devoid of hierarchy. Physician members that fairly represent the medical community act as board members, all casting equal votes and all having decision making power. There are two executive staff members—the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Executive Officer. We keep administrative overhead minimal and don’t answer to shareholders, thereby reducing excess costs that would otherwise be passed onto payors or patients.


In addition to our physician members, Envoy relies upon partner organizations to inform our work. Partners are typically professionally affiliated with fields related to medicine, such as patient safety, public health, health data archiving, and other like-minded organizations. Current Envoy partners include: